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You blog is so lovely that speak the words right out my month. The familiar perspectives on this topic really calls for a drink. I bookmarkt you so that we can talk

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You blog is so lovely that speak the words right out my month. The familiar perspectives on this topic really calls for a drink. I bookmarkt you so that we can talk

about it in details, see ya, pal!


I had my purse stoled from the Shell Gas Station on Central Ave. and Ritchie Rd. We viewed the camera and I could see when the guy entered my truck from the passenger side door and grabbed my purse. I never left my truck because I used my gas card. I'm wondering if the Gas Station has insurance that would cover my losses. If, anyone know of any information please let me know. I had a lot of value things and money in my purse and all of my ID I feel so violated.


Big hugs to you sweetheart. I have had my bag stolen and lost my wallet more times than I care to remember. Looking at it the other way, it's only things and at least you and the husband are safe. Put some money aside and then go and treat yourself to a nice new wallet - an orange one at that. A.x


I'm sorry your purse was stolen. Unfortunately, you must also take some of the blame, as you were the one who left it in the car in the first place. Replacing your items will undoubtedly be a pain, but would not be necessary if you had just taken it with you.

Yes, for all those who will flame me, I have had things sotlen before and I understand how violated you feel. But looking back now, I can see that part of why those things were taken was a direct result to my foolishness.


Well, I hope this will make you feel better: I found orange handspun wool yarn in Africa, so I bought it. And RAOK! It's for you so I need your address!


Phyl, I'm so sorry! When I was living in Kansas (it really can happen anywhere) my apartment was burglarized and when the cops came they even KNEW who stole my stuff based on how he got into my apartment. They said that he was released from prison the day before and moved into the apartment across the alley from me. Our apartment was his third hit that night. The guy was arrested two days later hiding under a front porch three blocks over. Even with them knowing the burglar and everything, I didn't get a single item back. So, in addition to feeling violated, I felt that the whole thing could have been avoided if the cops would have picked him up after his first burglary that night. The cop, though, did give me just a warning when he pulled me over for speeding a few weeks later ... maybe some good kharma will come back your way, too. Again, I'm sooooo sorry, sweetie!!! You deserve better.


Sending some good karma to you.
When something this bad happens, there should be some great things happening to you too.



....And it matched your SHOES!!!

Every time I think I'm starting to like living in this area, someone I like has something rotten happen. And how telling of DC that even the cops think it's messed up.

Jane in London

We've found something to mail over... ~x~


That really sucks! Crappy things always happen to those who least deserve it!
Sending you *hugs* from Toronto...


What a terrible thing to happen! I've never had my car broken into. However, my apartment was broken into when I was living in Paris. It's such an odd feeling, and a very creepy one. I hope that the sentimental items find their way back to you.


I'm so sorry that this had to happen to you. I hope that some of your belongings make it back to you.


That sucks. I hope they choked on the leftovers. If it's any consolation at all, both times my wallet has been lost or stolen, it's actually been mailed back to me! I think they often get dumped once the money is taken and some people will drop them in the mail (once it actually came from a police station, so maybe it was turned in.) Of course, the cash and the gift cards were taken, but I got all my sentimental items back.


oh no! Phyl, I'm so sorry to hear that. It really stinks. My car was burglarized shortly after I moved into my current place - I'd left my gym backpack in the backseat. They took the brand-new running shoes I'd worked so hard to break in and my favorite sportsbra. Grrr. At least you have a good perspective -- that someone out there needed the food more than you. And the stuff can be replaced, and the sentiments are in your heart more than in any one thing. hugs.


Phyl, that sucks!!!! And DC cops have a rept hat is not the greatest. And I won't say anything about their 911 system. But if you had stripped, they might have come faster but they would have arrested you. And you should be able to park in DC without having to worry about your car being broken into especially in an area known for tourism. But you should also never leave anything out in the car. Lock it in the trunck. But always take your purse with you.


Found your blog via DCBlogs (great site.) I'm really sorry to hear what happened to you. Sadly not a surprise in This Nation's Capital.

I find your comment about the gorgeous woman in the cop car really fascinating, as, on at least three occasions, I have encountered DC cops in their squad cars with ladies who, unless they were uncover officers, really didn't look like they belonged there. Once, I ended up in backed up traffic next to a DC cop car with a uniformed officer driving and a civilian woman in the passenger seat. It was a hot day, windows were down, and they were having an "animated" discussion about their sex life, what they needed to get at the grocery store, and whether or not they'd have enough time to stop at Target.

If that was authorized use of a cruiser, I'm the Duchess of York...

Hope you have a much better week this time 'round...


Oh sweet horrible. I've been there and it wasn't NE DC. It was NW, in Dupont Circle, during broad daylight on a busy business street during lunch hour. Yeah, to DC cops, it's just paperwork...bastards!


Oh Phyl-Phyl! I'm soooo sorry. I know exactly how you feel. I've had my wallet stolen right out of my purse at a restaurant in NYC. It's a horrible feeling of violation. Damn those thieves! Take care and see you next week.

Jane in London

Oh, {hugs} I've emailed Dad if there's a 1971 penny or something in our coin collection, I'm pretty sure there is. And then I can mail it to you via Knit Happens. It won't be the same, 'cos it'll be English (it may be pre-decimal)...


Oh Phyllis...this is just awful...and why do things like this happen to people who don't deserve it? I have experienced the same thing as Deb above. Was in a restaurant and came out to find that a back window in my car was broken and the cell phone was gone. It wasn't long after that I moved out of Newport News and into G-Town. But, these things can happen anywhere. My parents were traveling through Canada and stopped at a rest area. My mom left her purse in the car floor covered with a towel and was gone just long enough to use the restroom. Someone broke her window and stole her purse in just minutes and in broad daylight. I am so sorry that this happened to you. Keep smiling :)


I'm so sorry that your purse was stolen but you have sent me an important message, I'll never leave my purse in the car again (I do at times when I'm out with my husband). Thanks for sharing and saving others from having the same thing happen. Jane


What a bummer! Sending you lots of sympathy, why do these things happen when you were previously having the best evening?


So sorry to hear about the theft and the trouble it caused (police, credit card companies, just not fun in general).

My car was stolen several years ago, and when it was found and I had a chance to find out what they took (mostly CDs, my stereo, and my battery), I was more pissed about the things that had sentimental value than things like my stereo... it was like they took a part of me when they took the mix tapes my best friend had made me and the Buddist good luck charm my sister had brought back from Japan for me to hang from my rearview mirror. I couldn't care less about the stereo or the CDs, those were things that can eventually be replaced. But, I wanted to find them so I could inflict grievous bodily harm for taking the things I cared about.

I don't understand why some people feel they have to take from others... I don't think they realize that they're doing a lot more than just taking something they want... *sigh*

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