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Hi there!
I'm a Hokie from VA who is in Rhode Island. Indigo Muse, Nana Sadie Rose, Mary in Richmond, and Knittin Coop are a few of my blog buds from SWVA. I have 5 squares so far and will be sending them off soon. Hope to meet you when I head on down to B'Burg this summer!
Bunny hugs,

Kathy in NoVA

Thanks for the inspiration. So far I have 4.5 squares done. A Loudoun Knitter donated some Lamb's Pride called (someting like) orange crush. Kathy

Amy Artisan

What a great idea! I've already finished 2 squares & have started on #3. Also, my latest blog is devoted to this:

Carrie K

Oh, what a great idea.


Phyl!! You are a true Hokie!!!
I've been making calls and getting posters out for the last two days, and I think this has finally brought me back to the world of has been such a sad time for us here, and I just had nothing to say...BUT now I DO! I can't wait to see you at our campus knitting event...
Thank you so much for helping. You are wonderful.


Jane had already told me, so I've started a block. We will tell all of our Tuesday night knit group about it too. Thanks. Like everyone else, I've been waiting for this.


Thanks for letting us know about this. I will check my stash and see if I have the right colors.


I'm in. Will you share your Hokie color yarn? Bring some to the Barn Wednesday.


Thanks Phyl, I'm starting my first square tonight. It feels good to do something like this.


I'm in! What a great way to feel like you are doing something that will make a difference. I have email my knitting friends. Thanks for posting color numbers. g


Thank you so much! I am all over this...although I live in CA, I grew up in VA, and my boyfriend is a Hokie. He says it's too warm to knit him a blanket now, so I'll just have to work on someone for someone else. :)


Already posted. I will mail this to both of my LYSs as well.

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