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I am a thirty-something living in Nothern VA with the Husband and 2 dogs. I enjoy knitting, golfing with the Husband and spending time with friends.

A bit more than you probably wish to know about me:

Women like to sit down with trouble as if it were knitting. -- Ellen Glasgow

This quote is taped in the front of my address book and has been since July 8th of 1996. I believe I found it in one of those "Quote of the Day" calendars. At the time I didn't knit. I did find meaning in the quote and passage. {How often we turn minor challenges into monumental barriers by giving them undue attention, forgetting that within any problem lie its solution.}

I was taught to knit by a wonderful friend who just happened to be a co-worker. I really wasn't interested but she brought along an extra set of needles and yarn the morning she taught another friend in our office. It just so happened I was in very early and was stuck waiting for reports in order to begin my day. So . . why not learn to knit? I loved it and spent the next 5 years knitting all sorts of scarves, wraps, shawls and a couple of baby blankets. All things that thankfully needed little or no seaming and gauge was not a big deal.

I came across this quote recently and found now that I am a knitter, the quote has a different meaning to me. I still don't believe in spending much energy on things which I can not control and will sometimes simply defer to the Egg Timer Method of problem resolution. However, if I did sit down with my trouble as it were knitting . . .

I'd check my gauge often. It's not worth it to be too wound tight.

I would make sure my colors were appropriate to the yarn and pattern. Sometimes it's just not worth standing out THAT much.

Follow instructions at first. As you learn, you can start paving your own way. It rarely pays to charge ahead without knowledge.

Listen. Usually someone else has been there, done that.

Ask questions. (see above)

Don't be afraid to ask for help. (again see above.)

There. Done. My first post. And a wonderful example of how sometimes I lose sight of the simple solution.

**My first post from my first blog October 4, 2004


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