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Where find bad girls?


Here's a pdf version:
I also have the link on my blog.

celtic knitter

I don't have Word and so I cannot download the bear pattern :( Can you make a PDF?


Any other way to get the pattern other than in a .doc format? I have a Mac and I can't open such things in their dumb Claris Works.


I linked to you from my blog - not that I'm huge or anything, but it may get a couple more bears. :)


Is another pattern ok? I just finished a bear not too long ago, just have to do the face.


Hey... what a great idea. I can burn up a BUNCH o' random leftovers this way!


Hey Phil...What a great are so thoughtful! With my love for Jamaica and its people, it will be a pleasure to do this project.


omg....I'd already picked up some yarn after that last entry (and made a blog post to call attention to other people about the project), but that is GORGEOUS.

I'm knitting it in my head right now. :)


Does it have to be the same pattern? I have three bears just waiting for me to stitch up that were done in a different pattern. I'll be happy to send them on to you if it is o.k. to be a different pattern.


I was gonna knit a bear or two but I think I will do it sooner rather than later! Crazy how we can be motivated by fiber!

Krista's only 3pm and now I have yet another reason not to want to say at work. I can't wait to get home and cast on for my bear!!


I already downloaded the pattern and I was gonna do it anyway but thanks for the added incentive. Not that I needed one.

Emma in Baltimore

OOh, I was gonna do it anyhow, but for that yarn, I'll use up all the odds and ends in my stash to knit bears!

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