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I believe Santa has Sirius left, ask! Me too with bags and shoes-there can never be too much. I've seen 2 different VW commercials with the crash. Talk about getting your attention huh? Good luck with the Martha thing, who knows? Maybe we'll see you on her show!

Elle Kasey

Whatever is shockingly good. I look forward to Fridays when I get to hear the whole show on the way to the Rivah. And now I must find those glorious bags.


I haven't had the opportunity to listen to Sirius radio yet...apparently my car is prewired for satellite radio as it has a "SAT" button on the radio but I've never set up the installation/monthly fee.

I love me a good bag too and I know just what you mean about it being great when the strap is the perfect length. Did you ever see this crazy "Bag Borrow or Steal" web site where you can rent (for as little as a week) all kinds of super high end bags? I thought it was an interesting idea and registered in order to be able to browse their outlet of "gently used" bags, but didn't buy/rent anything.


Heh! I have THE VERY SAME BAG in the Constantine fabric.

Phyl, you and I are clearly bag twins!


You can never have too many good bags. I say this having just ordered one from Kpixie yesterday. It shipped today and I really want it tomorrow. Or, you know, NOW.

Love the bag - I have a needle case from there and it's great.


That bag is ADORABLE! Sorry about the not-so-secret trip to the frog pond. Been there, tinked that.

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