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I know I'm a day late, but... in Chile he's out until Christmas. I remember the year that I was studying there, my 8 year old 'sister' set up the manger and put him in not knowing better. As soon as her mom saw him, though, she scooped him up and hid him... in a tureen that was kept by the radio.

Granted, the best part of it all was the look on her brother in law's face during a visit when he was looking around, noticed the tureen, took the lid off and looked inside. Heh.


In my family, we always waited til Christmas to put in Baby Jesus and the Wise Men would show up in January on the Epiphany. We didn't do the whole "moving them gradually" thing because we would have totally ended up forgetting them in the box. When we lived in Manila there was this AMAZING nativity scene at the church we attended. They created an entire mountainside with the inn and little roads, and all kinds of details. During Advent all the people involved would travel along the roads and eventually get to the stable. Still one of my favorite childhood memories :)


We always put the entire set together while decorating. I went to Catholic school for most of the elementary years, and really don't remember Jesus not being in the manger.


Santa hitches the stork to his sleigh and flies through the night to deliver baby Jesus to the manger... or is that the Great Pumpkin? :)

Ann Marie

Ok.. as with every other year we have had this discussion I agree with the husband.. NO BABY JESUS.. HE IS OUT!! until Christmas that is.
I also think that the wise men should be placed in the most southern point of your home and move a little closer toward the manger every day..
Hmm from the looks of my above post Jesus is out but good drugs are apparently IN.

Happy Baby Jesus Hunting.

The SMB wants to know where ours is too.


Another hilarious post (lol at the "is jesus in or out this year" joke). Now to answer your question - when growing up we also had baby Jesus in the manger from the get-go when setting up the nativity set. My husband and I agree on this, apparently, as he would also be in there at the outset now and as we speak IF THE CATS HADN"T TAKEN HIM HOSTAGE. Missing, gone. My nativity set is this alabaster-ish china stuff and isn't as large as some others so it is entirely possible that the cats could have knocked him out of his manger and taken him away to places in my house that only cats know about. They like playing with the nativity set so I'm blaming them.


I put Jesus in the scene from day one otherwise I am sure to forget him. Before people judge me I work retail and I am still doing the meaningful gift pilgramage to the 711 at 2 am on Christmas because it's My first day off in a month! Personally I think I am going to have fun polling people about this at work!


Growing up, we only had one spot for the Creche, so the Wise men went up when the creche was set up... (there might have been something about a stereotypical Irish Catholic family as well - if they didn't go up then, they might never arrive at the scene - forgotten in the Nog!) However, Baby Jesus was never placed between Mary and Joseph until sometime between bedtime Christmas Eve and Wake up time Christmas morning.

I have kept that tradition in my family as well, except for the Nog thing. Though I do put the Wise Men out when I set it all up, because then I store the container away until after January 6th when I start to put it all away.

Emma in Baltimore

I never had a nativity scene, but my husband's family keeps the baby Jesus in a wooden box until after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. They also have the Wise men move their way through the downstairs so they're not actually in the creche until January.

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