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Another article about xmas V Christmas -- its the linguist in me.


I second Carol's comment, you can't say that you dislike eggnog unless you have had homemade. I say we have a eggnog taste off Chez Phyl Phyl!!

Shanti beat me to it, but yes you forgot Dasher.


My mom and I argued the "X-Mas" issue years ago. I was okay with it and she objected on the same grounds as you. So she did some research. Turns out, the "X" is actually what the earliest Christians used in place of the actual name in order to avoid persecution. So while it wasn't invented for the holiday, it actually still invokes the religiousness, even if people don't realize what they're doing.

As for reindeer - you forgot Dasher! He's be crushed.

Feel better.


You only don't like eggnog because you haven't tasted my eggnog. That would be my homemade, from scratch eggnog.

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