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I hate Rachel Ray... but can't stop watching her and have made many of her dishes...delish! Lizard Ridge, sigh, isn't it the best? Use the leftovers to make more squares, they make amazing color ways...


RR's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is branded EVOO... so she is selling her brand while telling you that it is extra virgin. I doubt she'll stop that anytime soon - regardless of what we/I/you/anybody tells her. Her giggle gets to me after a time, but I do watch her occasionally.


EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil = why I cannot stand to watch Rachel Ray. She drives me NUTS!!! She may have good recipes, but I will never know because just thinking about her makes me batty. Ack!!

I love that you're doing the Lizard blanket ... maybe you can teach me how to knit backwards so that I can try it, too?!!


You could try doing Cozy again, this time in the solid yarn. I think the solid colors give you more opportunity with stitch patterns.


Solid green on the Clapotis.

I have once or twice managed a Rachel Ray meal in the allowed 30 minutes. But not very often. With a Christmas GC I bought her Express Lane cookbook. LOVE IT--she gives you a good pantry list to keep on hand and restock every couple of weeks and then a very short (5 ingredients or less) list for each recipe. And they're arranged by the amount of brain power needed to make them from "Don't make me think" to "Be gentle."


I have tried some of her 30 minute meals and it always takes longer than 30 minutes to make!!


I really enjoy RR, but I can never make a meal in the time she states! Love that you switched everything out to organic and whole wheat! Way to go - and I am so with you on the EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, already. Does she think we are idiots!

I can't imagine a solid clapotis. I made one for a friend and it was beautiful. Would you just skip making the stitch to drop? So basicallly, just a bias scarf - as wide as the pattern, or narrower? I need more information to formulate an opinion. g


That meal sounds good - I may have to try that one.

I'm with you on ripping projects that you don't like - sometimes you don't know you don't like them though until you get too far along. At least that has happened to me. I've never worked with LH Grace, but I would stripe the Clapotis. More interesting.

I don't know how to knit backwards yet, but I have an article from the Jimmy Beans Wool newsletter that shows how to do it - I should learn how to do that too. Was it hard to figure out?

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