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Seriously girl, we dread playing the flyers. they are A**es with a capital A. Already running the mouths.
Your a good fan :-)


Afraid most of it was Caps fans trying to hit the Flyers players on the ice. I was up in the 200 level watching the raining mayhem and it was coming from the 100 level in seas of red Caps jerseys. And some where just throwing the towels at their seats and walking off. I managed to score 4 towels so my guest bathroom will continue its Caps theme. I"m still bummed over the outcome. Sigh.


Total heartbreaker, I couldn't even watch. I had no love lost for the Flyers prior to this series; the last 7 games have done nothing to change my mind.


Everyone is saying that it was both caps fans and flyers fans throwing stuff onto the ice -- Caps fans throwing stuff at the refs/Flyers, Philly fans throwing stuff 'cause they won. I didn't see it since I left immediately after Lupul scored, I was so bummed out (and had a really bad headache).

In good news: Bouds was just re-signed and Backis is one of the three nominees for the Calder trophy. Yay!

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