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Happy 103rd Birthday, Granny!!
May your day be a blessing--as much of a blessing as you have been to Phyl and the rest of us in computer-land from just hearing about you! Wishing you happiness, comfort, peace as you celebrate.
~~Ulli in VA


Many birthday wishes and a big birthday hug to grannie and hugs to you. My grannie just turned 90 (April 17) and I cherish everyday that I have with her. I am so glad your grannie has someone as amazing and special as you to celebrate her birthday with. May we all have that blessing as we get older!!


Hey Sis, wish Granny a happy birthday from me and John and give her a big hug. If you have time to stop by for a quick visit, let us know. Either way, enjoy your day with that spunky ball of fire!


Happy Birthday Granny!


Happy Birthday Granny! Hugs to you!


Happy birthday, Granny!


103! How amazing is that?!?!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!!! Much happiness and love!!


Happy Birthday to Granny! What an amazing journey and how blessed you must be to have loved ones around you.


Happy Birthday Granny! You must have done something great to have ended up with such a wonderful granddaughter. Best wishes for the day!

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