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Ann Marie

I HATE HATE HATE miss piggy.. why you ask because that was the other name I was called by the mr wonderful sun setting in his ass brother. That was a second choice to Wart Hog.

Deanna and I spent 2 hours at the gym today ourselves!

Sweet. LHK


I like Miss Piggy. I can relate to her, esp. when I'm having a driven, bossy ENTJ day!! I used to always be an ENTJ, but now I guess I can get away with doing things on my own schedule, and I really don't give a crap what other people do anymore as long as they get their work done, so now I'm an ENTP. This week.


You are definitely not easily intimidated. I can vouch for that.


Miss Piggy is the love of Kermit's life. :) She's not called Miss Piggy because she eats too much or is fat - she is a pig. And she's very glamorous.

I always have varying results on the Myers-Brigg test too, and I can never remember what I was the last time.

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