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Don't rip the bolero. Get new yarn. :)


I like the bolero, and I agree new yarn for a new knit!


I wouldn't rip it. It's really cute. I would make the new project in a new yarn!


You won't forget it. Ever. I was working on the diamond patch sweater while Mark was having his bypass and every time I look at it, that's what I think of. Same thing with Eris.

Shelly Kang

Hi, I'm a lurker. I looked at the picture of your bolero, and think it looks really nice. Is there something about it that makes you not want to wear it? I think I'd keep it, or find someone to give it to that might wear it more often, and knit the new sweater in a different yarn. You'll enjoy knitting with new yarn more, and that way you wouldn't be wasting all your hard work on the first one. Just my relatively uninformed opinion.

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