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have fun this weekend.
Ya, I caved and joined the big W in may, so far have lost 12.5#
Even with weights, and running and everything else, it just is there and helps.
Sorry about the top.


Sorry to hear about Lace & Cable. If you're moving, maybe you should move to Chicago (LOL) - I'd love to hang with ya. There's lots of golf and restaurants and wine, and....

Ann Marie

One of the three kids hit a pool ball through the window...
Another of the three kids got into the wet bar and well he looked in the mirror and we both know what happens if you look in the mirror if you have been drinking.
And the other kid.. not sure about her she has had her nose in her phone texting the ENTIRE time we have been here.

Might have been cheaper for me to get a hotel and you to get a dog sitter..



You can't leave until after you meet our new puppy!!!!!


I'm nearly finished the smock top you turned me on to. I'll post pics on Ravelry when I'm done. Oh, and my mum's surgery went well! Best possible outcome. Hope you have a great weekend!


Have a good one, Phyl!

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