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Debbie Harvey

I'm sooo happy for you and David! Your new home is amazing!! I can't wait to party in it with you (Dave said Sat. night!)!
I love the Bay Window Bears...the Haitian Orphans have nothing and would LOVE a bear!
Thanks for thinking of them.


Congrats on the new renters! Now it is just time to settle on your new house and get everything moved. If you need the name of mover, let me know. The one we used worked out well. No more moving boxes ourselves! I think I helped you a couple times in our earlier years. I can't wait to see your new home.


Awesome! Congrats!

Carrie K

Anecdotal evidence. It didn't hurt, did it? And congrats! At last.


Yay! (Although, I'm kind of sad you're moving from the "neighborhood"...)


WOW. That's fantastic! Yay!


Great news! I think you are right, the combination of all is what moves things along, but it's good to have all the help you can get!


Isn't it amazing how these things work?

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