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Gosh, I have been checking for you for over a month, and dont for 2 weeks, and look what I have to catch up on!! glad to hear your getting settled.
Now if i can just make the time to update mine...
the sweater is gorgeous.


Glad to hear you're out there and doing well! The new house looks great!


OMG! We miss you and the Husband!!!!!

Librarian Girl

Glad to hear you're getting settled!

Carrie K

Packing and unpacking take a lot out of you. That's my non blogging lately excuse anyway! :)

That is hilarious and cute about the "real" doggie door being suspect. Typical of pets, yes?

Wow, what a pill at the game. I'm glad you got it handled. Why do people do that?


I was wondering how you were doing just the other day - figuring you were focusing on getting settled into the new house and everything! How crazy is that about the woman who pulled your hair!? What a jerk! Glad to have you back. I, too, hate when people play the busy card or act like martyrs that mustbeaccessible247becausetheyaresofreakingimportant. There, I said it.


I'm so glad to hear from you and that you're settling in nicely! I cannot believe the hair pulling (well, I believe it happened, I just can't fathom someone behaving so poorly!) And wow on the knitting!


glad to read you guys are all settled into the new house!

I've heard a couple of stories of really rude things people experienced at the game on Saturday. We didn't have any of that up in my section though. Eek.

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