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cedar swing set

We used to have this super retro swing set that would blow over in the wind. Each time we would put it back up only to see it slowly breaking apart. Oddly after driving by that old house it was nice to see they replaced that reto swing set with something a bit more sturdy. Although they wont have the humorous memories that we had.

jordan retro

Love your posts! Keep it up!

Rock T Shirt

Like the stars we also have the ability to rock on with new generation guys by wearing smart rock T shirts.


Holy cow, what a walk down memory lane. I loved Mastermind.


I had every one of those electronic games you mentioned, and per your other commenters note about Chrissy - I had her too. She used to make a weird noise when you'd change the length of her hair - funny that I still remember that.


Perhaps you had the beautiful "Chrissy" with hair that could change lengths and be styled! :)

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