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Over a 100 years is a long time. I'll bet she's ready to go. You're so lucky to have had so much tome with her.

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How fortunate to have the memories over all those years, and for your Granny to live so long, with most of it high quality.

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i miss my grandma too. thanks for the story.

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I feel like time is going incredibly fast and slow at the same time. The weeks/months seem to be crawling...but at the same time, I turn around on Monday and suddenly it is Sunday again


Phyl-- I'm just catching up on blogs- Hugs to you on Granny's passing. I will always remember your stories of her, and laugh with you in my heart.


I am sorry about your loss.

I too was very lucky to have a grandma that lived to be over a 100 yrs old but not quite as old as your granny. The things they say come and go would boggle minds today. My grandma was born in 1899 and lived till January 2001.

Grandma J

What a beautiful tribute. How fortunate to have the memories over all those years, and for your Granny to live so long, with most of it high quality. My own grandmothers both lived into their nineties, and for that I feel blessed. Looking back, I wish I had asked more questions about their youth, and growing up in Ireland.

I found your blog over at Chesapeake Bay Womans.

Carrie K

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Granny! It was a very special relationship you had with her and one to cherish always.


I'm so sorry Phyl. I know it wasn't unexpected but it is still tough either way. You are fortunate to have spent so much time with her especially in the past few years. Hugs to you.



Oh, Phyl - I'm so sorry. I am sure she will continue to keep in touch with you in her own way in coming months and years.


I'm so sorry for your sadness now but so glad that you had your Granny for such a long time! Jane


I'm sorry for your loss, but having read this I know without a doubt Granny will live always in your heart and be available to you any time you want. Sending you hugs.

Missing Granny

dang it!!! I SHOULD have known not to read this while working... where the heck are my box of tissues.



So sorry to hear about Granny. Hugs to you.


MY thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Yes you are so lucky. I had my great gram until I lost my grandpap when I was 17, she was never the same, and died 5yrs later.
My gram also died when I was 23, my son, her first great grandson, was only 6months, but I had the chance to give her that title.
I hav eso many fond memories too, we had a big family and always got together for holidays, birthdays,ect. Not exactly the same today, but
thank you for sharing w/us on your blog, and allowing me the chance to take a few minutes to rmember and say "me to" to your post.
Hugs to you .


Phyl, your story brought tears to my eyes. I talk with my sister in heaven, no dialing needed. Just start talking ....

Heaven has her place ready with a window onto your world. Never worry!


Oh Phyl, I'm so sorry to hear of your Granny's passing. It's wonderful that she had such a long, fulfilling life and that you made so many wonderful memories with her.

My guess is that heaven has already found her.

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